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Gardener's Delight - Renton, Washington USA

18617 112th Ave SE, Renton, Washington USA

MLS # – 1313438 

Offered at: $448,899.00 USD

This meticulously cared for, gardeners dream home is your peaceful, private retreat.

Bedroom- Renton, Washington, USALiving Room - Renton, Washington USADining Room - Renton, Washington, USA

Bursting with 2000 sq ft of living space, and filled with light, it offers a living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and two baths on the main level. The lower level boasts a large family room, utility room, an additional bedroom and another bath for fun and visiting guests. 


Beautiful FLower gardens- Renton, Washington, USA

 The home flows gracefully through French doors, out on to the deck. Offering a quiet space to overlook your private back yard with lush gardens, planted to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Adorned with an adorable, lofted playhouse, this house is your dream home. 


Come see your new paradise, as it will not last


Saturday June 23, 2018 – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Sunday June 24, 2018 – 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm




– Coast to Coast –

My clients were moving from Boston to Seattle. With a new baby shortly on the way, and another young one in tow, this move was a big event. They needed somewhere to land, a temporary place, and in short order, to start looking for a home to buy. I found them the perfect short term rental, fully furnished, in a beautiful neighborhood in Seattle. Negotiated the rental price down to fit their budget, and ensured it was ready and warm, with lights on, upon their arrival. Comfortable and settled,we then set out on the new home search. I was able to find them their dream home, in their perfect neighborhood, West Seattle. Even with fierce competition, we won the bid on that one, and it closed without a hitch. They could not have been more happy.

 Happy in West Seattle

I love seeing those happy smiles. The pleasure was all mine. 


– Whale watching from Maine –

A client lives in Maine with his lovely wife. Their daughter goes to school in Washington, They visit, they fall in love with the beauty of the Puget Sound. They start to dream about retiring here, and create their idea of a what that looks like to them. Their requirement: A direct view of Mt. Rainier, water view, specifically in the path of migrating whales. I was up for the challenge. I searched with them remotely via email, text and face-time video live tours. Once we narrowed down the town they decided  they loved the best, we started a more aggressive search there. We looked for nearly 6 months together. Finally finding a few perfect choices, they flew in for a whirlwind on site tour. I was able to procure for them through man negotiations the exact property they dreamed of, with all their specifications. They are overjoyed! This one was so much fun! I love finding that needle in a haystack, or in this case the one perfect whale in the bay! 

Point Ruston Waterfront

Thank you for the fun tours, and I can not wait for you to enjoy your beautiful new home. 


 – Around the world –

Across the globe, in China, a client and her family were planning a move to our beautiful state. A huge move, and an enormous undertaking for a family, they called on me to help them. Not certain where they want to buy long term, they knew they would like to try a very specific area of Mercer Island. Although there are not many rentals that met their desires, I was able to help them search even though they were across the globe from me, via face time and live tours, email and text communications. I found them exactly what they were searching for. I negotiated with the agent, to ensure even their furry family pets could tag along during their stay, and secured the home for them before their deadline. I maintained the home for them, during their transition period, and ensured their home was warm and lights on when they arrived. They arrived tired, and jet-lagged but were comforted by the delights awaiting them in their new home. They were elated, relieved and so thankful. Such a fun family to work with.

Mercer Island Beuaty

I look forward to the search for their new forever home. 



– A family estate –

 After finding me on google as a top agent, these clients called me for help. Their mother had recently passed and left them her lifelong home estate. The family had been calling around to agents, asking for advice on the best way to sell it. Being a residential home, they were given a lot of advice on how to list it on the market. Highest amount they were told, was near $550,000 in value. I politely disagreed with their previous advisers and asked them to let me research the property more thoroughly, before making any decisions on how to sell it. I did a little home work and realized the best use for the property was not in a residential home, but in a more commercial application. I needed to find them a buyer, who would benefit from acquiring that particular property. I was able to, within 3 days, find them multiple offers from local property owners nearby. The family was ecstatic, and accepted an offer. It closed on time without any problems for $905,000. Nearly double what they had been advised of before meeting me. This was an end of an era for the family, and a start of a new beginning as well.

Kirkland Estate

I was honored to be given the opportunity to assist your family. 


 – New Beginnings-

 A referral from a co-agent in our Montana Big Sky Sotheby’s office, I was called on for a favor of his long time friend. He had a very short timeline that he needed to meet, to sell his home he had owned for nearly 20 years. I met with him, listened to his needs, and he decided selling this off market was what he wanted me to do. Not many agents can do this, unless they have a large network or investors or builders. I have that network. I was able to procure multiple offers for him in just a few days. He accepted an offer, and was relieved to be moving on. I suggested he take a back up offer just in case, but it proved to be unnecessary it closed on time with no problems. It was exactly what he wanted, and he was so thankful for my help. It feels good to be able to deliver results exactly as they are asked of you. 

Kirkland, Washington

This one was a win. Best of luck in your new endeavors!


 Erin Harold Realty - Washington State - USA


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