The American Dream in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington!‏

dreamy ballard

Finding a dream home to fill with love and family

Purchased: $570,000

Many people dream of growing up one day to live out the American Dream.

– Find that special someone, who you love more than anyone else in the entire world

– Get married

– Find the home you have dreamed about since you were a small child

– Create a beautiful family together and make lifelong, wonderful memories

– On warm summer evenings, sit side by side on your covered porch and reminisce about all of these amazing things


Sometimes, the hardest part for clients can be to find that perfect home that encompasses all of their dreams. The one capable of fulfilling the wish for a perfect future with their loved ones. My one job, is to do this on their behalf. I make this process seem graceful, comfortable and effortless.

This is absolutely, hands down, my most favorite thing about being a real estate broker. I get to see the sparkle in their eyes as their dreams come into focus. I watch as they are filled with anticipation when I place an offer on their behalf. I get to witness their joy when they are successful! It is really such an amazing gift to be part of the very moment when the dream of their future life together becomes a reality!

One of my specialities, is matching the perfect property with the perfect buyer. Expertly, efficiently, and precisely. Making that big step of buying any property, feel like its just part of your dream. No hassle, no stress, just results.

For this lovely couple, that is exactly what happened. I found them their dream home and made a strong offer on the very same day! I procured that home expertly, closed that home on time, and helped them on ther way to living their dream life.

One of love, togetherness and family. Welcome home you two!!! It was my sincere pleaure.

Let me help bring your dreams into reality. If this is what you would like to experience with your next property purchase, then I am your perfect broker.