Call to action!!!!!! Our King and Snohomish county markets desperately need more homes for sale!

To all my friends, family, and colleagues: An announcement.

Our market is literally overcome with buyers looking for a home to buy. In every city in our greater Seattle area, North, South, East or West.  In both King and Snohomish counties, in every price point, in both single family, condominium and town home style homes. In fact, there are so many buyers, that homes are selling in days. Some are selling in hours! Almost all have multiple offers.

These buyers are paying far more than asking price, as they have been searching for so long with nothing to buy, they are literally pushing the market value up in price, daily. The competition is fierce out there.

That being said, we really need more inventory. If you currently own a home, and are curious as to what the current market value of that home is, please call me. It may very well be of a value that is beyond what you could have imagined. It would be a shame to waste such a hot sellers market, by simply not finding out.

If you or anyone you know is even remotely curious, please give them my contact information. Spread the word. I am always happy to give people a complimentary visit and home value analysis, even if it is just out of simple curiosity that they inquire. It is important for people to understand the value of their investments. Whether it is to sell, or to utilize the value in a different way, perhaps a remodel?

Feel free to call me directly, email me, facebook me, or message me on one of my online platforms. I am here to help.

Erin Harold | Broker

Marketplace Sotheby’s Realty
16261 Redmond Way, Redmond Wa
C: 206.326.8961 O: 425.243.9000

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