Do you love your job? If not, maybe its time for a new one?

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I just have to say I love my job. How many people get to spend the afternoon getting to know new clients and their families, while showing them all around a lovely part of a new city? Making real connections with good people, having a laugh about what things we encounter on the way. I enjoy really listening to them. Really hearing what they like or don’t like. Then, being able to create a tour that embodies only those properties that they may actually love. This is the gift I can give to all my clients, for trusting me with their dreams.

Helping people to daydream and build their new and perfect future is an amazing opportunity. Finding the perfect house, that is the perfect fit to that dream is a reward for all of us. A big shout out to my clients today, who made this afternoon so enjoyable! I look forward to this fun adventure with you.

Then, as if that is not enough, on the way home aI am given the opportunity to help one of my awesome team mates make the connections needed to move her property forward. Team work is the best kind of work. I simply do have the coolest job on earth. Every day is full of little gifts, little rewards, and new connections that build a strong team and a wonderful community for all of us.

I can honestly say, I definitely have the best job out there. I love working with the strongest company in the world, Sotheby’s International Realty, with the most amazing set of team mates anyone could hope for at Marketplace Sotheby’s International Realty. All of us really are doing great work, building each other up to make a stronger team every day. All of us are engaging in our communities and building trust, honor, an excellent reputation and a bright future for everyone. One house at a time.

If you don’t feel like this every day when you get done with work, perhaps you should give me a call and find out what makes us different than all the other companies out there. Perhaps here is where you need to be.

Marketplace Sotheby’s International Realty. We have what it takes to make you feel that you are all that matters and that every one of your hard earned penny’s was well spent.

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