Cash Buyers Are Fueling Quick Home Sales!

Buying homes with CashThis is a great article in the New York Times on how cash buyers are changing the buying market today. We have been seeing this here in our neighborhood for months now. It is an amazing new phenomenon, and makes for a very exciting home sale! From personal buyers to investors, we are seeing cash buyers make offers on nearly every sale. As my wise mentor Joseph Brazen always says “Cash is King!”. He is absolutely right. When two identically priced¬†offers are presented, one cash, one financed, the cash buyer always prevails. Great article to keep up with the trend.


12 Questions To Ask The Appraiser

This is a great article about how to qualify an appraiser before hiring them to analyze  and appraise your property. An extremely important step to get accurate and reliable results. This will allow you to make the very best decision regarding the sale or purchase of a property.